About us

Opening in May 2018 Château de Mirande is run by Benedikt & Anais.
In spring 2018 Benedikt decided to leave his job in Germany and reach for a new adventure in France – “Project Château”. Over time they came to love the region and everything it had to offer, the scenery, the history, the lifestyle, the food, the wine and the people! With new ownership, also came some change. However, it is very important to us to keep the historic charm of the property and still let a pinch of our personality flow in.

It brings us the most joy to open our doors to guests and allow them to lose themselves in life here at the Château. During our relaxed aperitif in the afternoon, we enjoy the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange ideas with travellers. We look forward to bringing you closer to the diversity and beauty of Burgundy and to offering you relaxing days at Château de Mirande.
See you soon!

Benedikt & Anais









The origins of Chateau de Mirande date back to the 11th century, when the property was part of the Cluny Monastery an important figure at the time, which had subsidiary monasteries and properties all over Europe.

Its importance of this site may be illustrated by the fact that until the construction of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome in the 16th century, the Church of Cluny was the largest sacred space in Christendom. The name “Mirande” is old French and refers to the “beautiful view”. Records date to 1560, when the modest fiefdom belonged to Pierre Bedel and Pierre Puget at the same time. Between 1621 and 1625, a Jean de Buisson was the owner. Around 1690 it passed to the “lawyer in parliament” Jacques Bordet, followed by his children. In the 18th century, it was acquired by the Seigneur de Senozan. Finally, in 1789, the year of the French Revolution, an M. Moiro was the owner. What exactly happened at that time is unknown, but on closer inspection the buildings reveal various clues.

A postcard from the turn of the 19th to the 20th century bears the following inscription: “Château de Mirande in Montbellet, Saône et Loire, Only one tower remains of the Mirande feudal estate” – 1763.

The graceful present building, in the middle of the green park, belongs to Mr Protat, conseiller général: he performs the functions of sub-prefect of Rethel and secretary of Ardèche and Maine and Loire”.

(« Du fief de Mirande (1763), il ne reste qu’une tour. La gracieuse habitation actuelle édifie au milieu d’un beau parc de verdure appartient à M. Protat, conseiller général : lequel remplit les fonctions de sous-préfet de Rethel et de secrétaire de l’Ardèche et du Maine-et-Loire. »)

In 1944, Baron de L’Épine acquired the estate from the Vicomte de Balorre. In 2011, the Roser family bought and extensively refurbished and renovated the property while strictly preserving its original character.

For the first time in its almost millennial history, the newly integrated guest rooms makes the property a place where lovers of Burgundy, its history, its way of life, its wine, its crémant and its cheese meet and interact.



The Rooms of the Main Building represent various historical elements of Chateau Mirande and combine them with modern comforts. Through subtle colouring and the use of the architectural details each room captivates a different aesthetic and makes your stay at the chateau a unique experience.


Completely refurbished gate house and parts of the stables have been turned into the Chateau Mirande holiday apartments. Discover the historical architecture of the centuries old buildings, the unique masonry provides a wonderful stable climate during the seasons making it comfortable for long stays with larger groups or families